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Initial Assessment

If this is your first appointment and you have any questions before you book, please arrange a discovery call here with Lara.

Our initial assessment with be with yourself and your child if possible.

Book in and choose your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a number of forms to complete. Its important that you don't waste your first session if you 'sent in the forms. 

We need to determine which side of the brain needs further enhancement so we will carry out a 60 minute appointment to discuss your top areas of concern; this will enable us to focus on those areas first.

A functional assessment will be carried out with your child on the call so we can see the level they are performing at for each exercise. 

Using the history forms, further questionnaires and the functional assessment, we will create an individualised report outlining where those weaknesses are and we will provide you with a programme to address your child's specific needs.

If there are any questions you have about how to carry out any of the exercises, you will have on hand support via email and we will provide you with a Frequently Asked Questions document. This is particularly useful as the more refined you are at doing each exercise, the more effective the exercises will be getting to the root cause.



We recommend that you have a follow up call with us every 4-6 weeks. This will act as a check-in so we can see how your child is progressing and to refine and build upon the work you are doing so you are seeing progression consistently. It does take some dedication from you to ensure you do these exercises daily, the more consistent you are the more change you will see.


Free 15 Discovery Call

Book at FREE 15min discussion with Lara to understand if this service is right for you

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