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Assessment with Dr Andrea

Complete the assessment forms

Prior to your first session with Dr Andrea Radak we ask that you complete the assessment forms and send them back to us. In your confirmation booking email the link to the forms will allow you to download them.

1st Session - 1 hour video call with Dr Andrea

30 minute Bespoke Plan development

Based on the assessment findings from your first initial call with Dr Andrea, she will design a bespoke plan tailored to your child's symptoms and weaker hemisphere. She will then send this to you for you to review within 7 working days. 


Once you have booked your 1st session via the calendar to speak to Dr Andrea and completed the history forms, you will have started the journey!

During the 1 hour video call Dr Andrea will go through the assessment forms you have completed and to talk over your child’s situation, she will ask many questions and it will be an opportunity for you to tell her as much detail about your child as possible. Where needed Dr Andrea may want to see your child or perform some primitive reflex tests, so it would be good to have your child with you (if possible).

2nd Session - 1 Hour video call to discuss your Bespoke Plan

You will need to book in your 2nd Appointment once Dr Andrea has sent your Bespoke Plan, to have a further 1 hour video appointment with her to talk through the plan, the Primitive reflex exercises, the diet & nutrition recommendations. Dependant on the symptoms your child is facing Dr Andrea may recommend Laboratory tests such as Stool testing, Food Sensitivity Testing, Mycotoxins (Mould) Testing, Organic Acid Panel, Neural Zoomer Plus testing. From the results of these tests further supplements may be suggested.

Thereafter, the support we give you really depends on your needs, we can support you as much as you need us. We will be at the end of an email with any questions you may have, moving forward we would recommend you have a Follow Up appointment scheduled with us every 4-6 weeks. During the next few months we would carry out regular assessments with you and your child during these Follow Up appointments to ensure that you are seeing results and those reflexes are reducing and integrating!

Ready to Book?

Book your 1st Appointment to initiate the journey with us

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