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Lara Barnes

Lara wants to share these techniques from her learnings' and the profound changes seen in her son. She wants to connect you with the specialist Doctors to help UK families. You can book a call with Lara or ask her questions about the services offered. These doctors are trained in the Melillo Method TM and are practicing these methods daily with children in America. They have been trained, working and practicing in clinic with Dr Kyle Daigle and Dr Brandon Crawford doing this every day.

Supporting the UK getting access to these cutting edge techniques and ensuring that our patients are being exposed to the latest in functional neurology developments are;


Dr Kyle Daigle

Dr. Kyle Daigle is a chiropractor who utilises a special treatment which combines multiple fields of science - from Chiropractic, Low Powered Lasers, Vibration Therapy to Physiotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Digital Therapy and Clinical Nutrition.


Dr Brandon Crawford

Dr. Crawford has been practicing Chiropractic and holistic healing since 2010 and has learned under and from the best minds in Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, and Functional Endocrinology. He is a board certified Developmental Functional Neurologist via the International Board of Functional Neurology.



In order for the brain to function normally, the activities on the right and the left hemisphere must work in harmony, like an orchestra.

When a certain function can’t stay in rhythm, it can throw the entire hemisphere off key, so the other side tries to tune out. This causes disharmony and results in the two sides not effectively sharing and integrating information.

The overall cause of this disconnection occurs when one side of the brain is delayed in its development, which essentially allows the other side to mature or grow faster. This causes the unevenness of skills and functional ability – where one side of the brain is advanced or too strong relative to the other side. Here you may see your child showing amazing ability at some things however exceptionally poor in others.

The most incredible new is – this can be changed. As a parent you have got this far as you are dedicated to get to the root cause and understand more, this path is going to take dedication but your child is worth this effort and you will change those behaviours!



Our Brain Development Programme utilises the foundation work of the Melillo Method TM, under pinned by integrated functional neurology, occupational therapy and vision therapy.

We provide you with an exercise based brain balancing plan targeting the root cause of the issue. Our programme has been put together specifically for your child's needs, based on targeting their hemispheric weakness and bringing up that side of the brain so it can communicate more effectively with the other stronger side. This will improve synchronisation and the result is a more balanced brain, hence a more balanced child.

We are big on nutrition, as that’s what’s feeding the developing brain. We work to understand whether your child is absorbing the nutrients or whether they have a leaky gut which is prohibiting absorbing those nutrients. If laboratory testing is required on gut health, metabolic analysis and understanding markers for neurological autoimmunity, we can help you there too!

The Brain Development Programme is individualised to your child’s needs, covering:

Primitive reflex testing and plan

Hemispheric assessment

Gross Motor & Sensory integration

Postural stability and core stability

Visual & Auditory

Vestibular & Balance


Lab Testing & Supplements

Once our Clinic opens in 2022 in the south of England, we will be using Light Therapy (NeuroSolutions), Digital Therapy (Neurosage) and Vibrations therapy in our programmes.

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