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Welcome to Brain Development

A Whole Body Approach to Changing the Brain

In bringing these techniques to you, it will help fast track the results for your child to progress. Anything is possible and that's what these doctors in America are doing day in day out. They are changing lives. Dr Daigle & Dr Crawford have been getting profound changes in children, where other medical practitioners have said there isn't anything more but to accept the situation.

This program gets results, if you are consistent in doing the exercises and keeping up with the nutrition to feed the brain you will see changes much faster than any other method.

See our frequently asked questions

  • What does the Program consist of?
    Once Dr Andrea has understood child's symptoms, she will spend 30 mins building out a bespoke plan for your child, this program will consist of Primitive reflex exercises, core and balance exercises which will target the weaker hemisphere. Sometimes there is more going on that what you see at the surface and doing some Lab Testing will really uncover things that your child may be experiencing every day unknowingly.
  • Can I do too many exercises with my child?
    The answer is do as much as you can consistently each day, make it fun and do the exercises with them. That way your interaction and participation will make it even more meaningful for them. Getting the whole family involved really helps keep them motivated and also you will see your strength increase too!
  • What's the best way to change my child's eating habits?
    The best way to do this is remove all foods in the house that shouldn't be part of their diet. If the whole family do it with the child/children it doesn't seem that difficult overall as you are buying for the whole family rather than having foods in the house that some can eat and others can't!
  • How do we know we are seeing progress?
    The best way to do this is keep a diary each day of the exercises you do and what your child can and can't do. Over a number of weeks you are going to see changes. Also at the beginning write down all the quirky behaviours you see and experience regularly. Soon you will forget they even did them as they stop. Dr Andrea will see you as frequently as you need, we suggest every 4 - 6 weeks to check in on how those reflexes are integrating.
  • How do we overlay Sensory Stimulus when doing the exercises?
    Dr Andrea will talk you through how we use different organic essential oils, depending on which hemisphere we are targeting, we use red or blue glasses too as well as sound and vibration with a Rezzimax. This will all be part of the recommendations for your child.
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