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A Unique approach to whole body health


We have been working with the lovely Lara for about a year now.  She is hugely committed to helping my child and has an absolute passion and huge knowledge base for her work.  She has got me super interested in it all too!

My son is 13 and has communication and co-ordination challenges.  When we first came to Lara and she tested him, he still had a lot of his primitive reflexes.   With her guidance and care we have worked on each of them to the point where they have now all integrated.  Amazing!!

We have focussed on core strength and muscle tone, and she has taught us specific exercises to concentrate on each one.  Overlaying this we have used various sensory stimulus such as sound, special blue glasses and the fabulous vibrating Rezzimax (which my little one likes too)

It was a lot for us to learn and take on for both my husband, myself and my son … but with Lara’s understanding and patience we have worked through it all, and am so glad I did.

As a teenage boy I wouldn’t say my son is particularly committed or dedicated to much (other than video games!) but it has surprised me how well he has adjusted to this.  I am very proud of him and can see many changes.

Specifically his balance, co-ordination and strength have improved greatly.  He was walking in front of me the other day with my husband and I did not recognise the much more regular gate of his walking from a year ago!!  It was a special moment for me.

The journey continues.  The communication side of his challenges are still a work in progress and we have now moved on to changes in his diet (which again he has got on with quite well – so unexpected!!!). We are also awaiting a Neural Zoomer Test result which should also help pinpoint further ways to help him.

I could not recommend Lara more.  As her son has had his own challenges she understands the viewpoint of a parent and our yearning to want the absolute best for our children.

I wish her all the very best with starting her very exciting and forward thinking practice, and am sure she will be inundated with lots of amazing and successful Clients.

Thank you Lara.

Mother in South London.

Passion & Dedication

Lara has incredible passion and dedication to help children no matter what difficulties they are facing. Whether it’s learning challenges, behavioural issues, neuro-developmental disorders implementing her method is truly life changing.

Her knowledge on primitive reflexes is fantastic and these methods are focused on the whole body taking into account overall health, gut health, immune and nervous system and how this can influence imbalances in the brain so that you ultimately improve overall.

Maria, Guildford, Surrey

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