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Dr Brandon Crawford

Dr. Crawford has been practicing Chiropractic and holistic healing since 2010 and have learned under and from the best minds in Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, and Functional Medicine.  He is a board certified Developmental Functional Neurologist via the International Board of Functional Neurology .  Dr. Crawford is currently an active member of the International Association of Functional Neurology & Rehab .  He owns and runs the Austin Center for Developing Minds in Austin Texas, a successful clinic treating patients from all over the world. 


Dr. Crawford  is  known as the laser expert! He has travelled around the world lecturing on his innovative protocols and effective treatments for many different conditions. He focuses on innovative approaches to healing via the use of laser and light therapy.  He focuses heavily on education and helping patients understand the use of photobiomodulation. 

His expertise is how to safely and most effectively apply laser and light therapy on the brain and nervous system to facilitate full body health and healing.  Brandon is the founder and managing partner of the company Neuro Solution, the company that sells the lasers he and his team use.

Brandon serves on the medical advisory board for SNA Biotech.  He is part of the team that helps to develop the Neurosage software that has been developed to heal various aspects of the brain and body. 

He recently has been a part of the teaching course developed by Dr. Robert Melillo teaching the sub speciality of Developmental Functional Neurology.  He is a contributor to the Brain Chat courses.  Brandon is always teaching students, doctors and others somewhere about functional neurology, laser therapy, or holistic healing. 

Dr Crawford helped Lara's son identify why those reflexes weren't integrating, within 4 months they were fully integrated and she saw more change, a more balanced, content child that was able to learn. Dr Crawford is passionate to get these techniques, nutrition and lab testing to the UK with Lara's help.

Book a 15 min call with Lara to understand if this is right for you 

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