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Dr Kyle Daigle

Dr. Kyle Daigle is an American Chiropractor with a Fellowship in Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders. He specializes in a special treatment which combines multiple fields of science from Chiropractic, Low Powered Lasers, Vibration Therapy, Digital Therapeutics, Primitive Reflex Integration, Acoustic Stimulation, and Functional Neurology. 


His primary focus is to help patients integrate primitive reflexes or return reflexes, improve patients' equilibrium and postural tone, while educating them on diet and nutrition. He helps patients challenged with Developmental delays, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Spinal Cord injuries, Chronic Pain to performance enhancement with Professional and Olympic Athletes. 

Dr. Daigle has many business ventures such as Consulting, a Software Company, Supplement Company, Practice Management, local Restaurant and international centers.

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