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Lara Barnes

Lara Barnes has undertaken a number of years of training to help her son develop his left brain. She had noticed he’d missed milestones which interfered with his overall development and academic capability.

He is now a transformed child. Lara completed Dr Robert Melillo’s Childhood NeuroDevelopmental Disorders Certification course in Barcelona in 2018, focusing on her son but also helping many other parents over the past few years. She has qualified for the distinction to hold the Certification in Melillio Method TM in this unique and powerful methodology with IANFR, the Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation . Melillo Method Certification — Untitled (


As this has had such a personal and dramatic impact on her son, she is now helping to bring these methodologies to the UK to help parents and families who are struggling, so that their children can be the best they can be!

This brain based training programme focuses on the layers of the brain, building it from the base up helping to build networks, creating new connections and helping integrate both sides. This will provide change in physical, behavioural, sensory, social and academic learning in your child.

She focuses a great deal on nutrition, supplements and understanding the root causes. Lab Testing helped understand what was going on for her son and this was a game changer in getting those reflexes to integrate.

Lara will be connecting you with specialist Doctors to help UK families. These doctors are trained in the Melillo Method
TM who are practicing these methods daily with children in America. They have been working and practicing with Dr Kyle Daigle and Dr Brandon Crawford doing this every day.

Our vision is to help bring these life changing programmes to the UK. Initially there will be Online Consultations & Assessments but we expect to be opening a practice in the South of England in early 2022. Using the online consultation and starting the home plan, you will impactful changes.

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