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Effectiveness of the Melillo Method

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Harvard Medical School recently published a white paper about the profound and successful effects of Dr. Robert Melillo's Melillo Method...

and tested children participants of both sexes between 8-14 years old that confirmed to have ADHD through structured diagnostic interviews. They performed the treatment which consisted of 15-weeks of Interactive Metronome and Brain Balance training (up to 75 sessions). Through this evaluation, the results of the study introduced and confirmed that 5 out of 14 children (36%) with ADHD, who completed the Melillo Method showed a 40% (or greater) improvement in quotient measures of hyperactivity, inattention or CANTAB measure of Spatial Working Memory. This exciting evaluation proves the Melillo Method is valid from one of the most prestigious health institutions in the world.

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