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Right V's Left Hemispheres

A child with a slow developing left brain, for example, will have different academic problems and display different behavioural traits to a child with a slow developing right brain.

He may not be able to spell words or be able to say focused on reading and he may even have speech issues. A child with a brain dysfunction may not look at you when speaking because the brain’s ability to read body language is out of balance. The symptoms are different but the problem is the same – Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS).

But this can change by changing neuroplasticity! As pathways get used more and you stimulate that weaker side, the signals in the brain increase speed and new nerve pathways are created. The more we do use them, the faster and more secure that pathway will be.

Left Brain Weak Children

Difficulty putting things in order

Trouble with memory and expressing oneself

Not usually a fussy eater

Don't usually have behavioural issues

Speech issues or late talkers

May have had lots of ear or throat infections at an early age

Big Picture Thinking

Great social ability, strong friendships

Strong at sports, good gross motor skills

Great at non-verbal communication

Struggle academically

(writing, spelling, reading)

Poor fine motor skills

(hand writing, using scissors, building lego)

Maybe quite a clingy child - at risk of low self esteem and low motivation


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Right Brain Weak Children

Creative difficulties

Difficulty understanding language

May be exceptional at some subjects, like Maths

Lack of spatial awareness

May start strong, early walkers, early speakers, early readers

May not understand the meaning of a story (comprehensions) and problem solving

Impulsive, tantrums, meltdowns

Poor attention span, hyper-activity

Lack of flexibility

Low muscle tone, may not like sport

Difficulty with social situations

Trouble with facial recognition

Fussy eaters, most have sensitivities to gluten and dairy - at risk of auto-immune disorders

Over sensitive or under sensitive in nature

Is you child showing symptoms of Functional Disconnection Syndrome?

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