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A Whole Body Approach to Changing the Brain

Welcome to Brain Development

A Learning and Behavioural Development Programme

At Brain Development, we aim to help your child develop a balanced brain, layer by layer. The brain is the master control system of our bodies, connected to every cell, organ and system via the spinal cord and the nerves.

Our programme provides you with an exercise-based, brain balancing plan which targets the root cause of the issue.

We utilise the principles of the
Melillo Method
TM which focuses on changing behaviour, sensory, social and academic performance.

This programme will help your child be the best they can be!

Based on years of scientific research from Dr Robert Melillo, it has dramatically improved the quality of life for many children and their families.

It did for my own son and that's why I want to help bring these techniques from the US to families in Europe that are struggling..

We help those with:


Autism Spectrum Disorder





Developmental Delay

Processing Disorders

Poor Social Skills

Sensory Processing Disorders

At Brain Development, through a series of tests, we will identify your child’s symptoms and functional abilities to determine the hemisphere and functions that aren’t in balance. We will help your child build those networks from the ground up.

At some point in your child’s development, one side of the brain developed faster than the other side. It’s merely an imbalance that can be corrected over time which will bring alignment and synchronisation across both hemispheres. Rest assured, there is hope.


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In order to understand if your child has an imbalance:

Brain Synchronisation & Connection 

Two Hemispheres - One Brain


Neuroscience has long understood that in order for the human brain to function together, large areas of the brain with the left and right hemispheres, use electrical impulses to communicate through short and long range connections.

Each hemisphere performs different functions that allow us to react to the world in which we live. Research has shown that when the two sides of the brain do not mature at the same rate, the electrical impulses between the the two sides get out of balance and interfere with the communication.

Studies now show that this communication problem is responsible for the behavioural, social and learning difficulties we are seeing in some of our children. There is a name for it, Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS). It is not coincidental that children with neurological disorders share a number of these symptoms. Their only differential is the side of the brain that’s out of balance and the severity of that imbalance.


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